“Officially Amazing” – Guinness World Record achieved for Lowest Vocal Note by a Female

Finally, after an agonising few months wait – the confirmation came. I am officially the Guinness World Record Holder for “The Lowest Vocal Note by a Female”. The record was achieved on the 7th of October, 2018 in the Music School Wagner in Koblenz, Germany. I managed to hit the note D2 (72.5 Hz) after starting three octaves higher (D5). To get an idea of how low this is, it’s the third deepest note on a cello.  Last week I received my official certificate .  Until now, only close friends and family have known my little secret but that is about to change! Until my title is challenged I can state I have the deepest female vocal range in the world.  That’s pretty cool.  In a world of over 7.5  billion people, I now belong to the  approx. 40,000 persons who hold a Guinness World Record title. It was no easy feat and to prepare for this took a lot of time and effort. I want to give great thanks to all involved (see friends). I couldn’t have done this without you. If you want to hear me live you can come to my last concert before becoming a Mummy on this coming Sunday, St. Patrick’s Day at the Irish Pub in Koblenz from 18.30 onwards. I will be playing a mixture of own compositions and Celtic folk tunes.

St. Patrick’s Day Performance with Dilligara

As part of the duo Dilligara, my partner Doreen Tuschen and myself will be entertaining the Irish Pub Koblenz on the 17th of March, 2019 from 18.30 onwards. Come along to hear a mixture of Celtic Folk and own compositions with a ‘mystical’ flavour. This could be my last performance for a little while as I am 8 months pregnant! I look forward to seeing lots of merry people there. Slainte!