DILLIGARA is the name of the musical project created by Helen Leahey and Doreen Tuschen. DILLIGARA was created in the summer of 2017, in a Belgian café, when Helen played some original music to Doreen on her mobile phone for the first time. There the decision was made that Helen’s music was worth investing in. Since then, many musicians have collaborated on the project.

Helen has published three albums to date und owns her own label  Deintra’.

What does DILLIGARA sound like?

Helen Leahey featuring DILLIGARA is a very special kind of collaboration – inspired by Celtic sounds and music from all over the world. The Welsh singer Helen Leahey composes her own songs and has developed many songs together with her musical partner Doreen Tuschen. The lyrics reflect thoughts, dreams and experiences and are inspired by themes such as love, mythology, family, homesickness, travel, politics and humor. The often danceable and catchy tunes get a very special and distinctive character through Helen’s deep and extraordinary voice. For particularly powerful songs, traditional Celtic instruments are sometimes accompanied by modern synthesizer sounds.  DILLIGARA also plays classic and well-known Celtic songs live. Here you can directly see where DILLIGARA have their musical roots. Other musicians are also often welcome to join the band such as the talented violinist Anna Gronen.


DDeintra Picture