For any of you who may have missed it – our Helen was on The Voice UK this series! It was not three people, it’s just her! BTW it’s LEAHEY and not Leahy 😉


Who is this person?

A question asked by will.i.am himself.

Helen Leahey, known as the ‘Bass Queen’ and ‘Dark Voice of Folk’ was awarded the first Guinness World Record for ‘Lowest Vocal Note by a Female’ in 2018. Helen is a passionate musician, born in Wales to an Irish Liverpudlian father (folk musician, posthumous scholar and electrician) and a German mother (author, academic and headmistress) who devoted her doctorate to Celtic mythology. Helen had a homeley upringing in North Wales. After her father sadly passed away in 1999 everything changed. Mother and daughter lived in the United Arab Emirates for a time. The sunshine (albeit in the desert) was needed. Helen eventually went to Liverpool to study a ‘Bachelor in History, Archaeology and Irish Studies’…and to enjoy her roots. Thereafter she completed her ‘Master in International Journalism’ in Falmouth.

Helen spent a big part of her time teaching refugees in Germany. Helen also learnt to celebrate the depth in her voice and in her experiences by making her own music. She found her home in Germany and is devoted to her son and family (a mix of many cultures), as well as her art. Music has been a means of expression for Helen’s whole life, however in 2017 she took her passion to the next step. This is when she had her first TV appearences. The songs you hear mirrors the many aspects of Helen’s journey.

You can get in touch with Helen via the contact page .


Written for Helen’s Mum, It’s a bit windy in Crete!

Channeling Helen’s spirit animal 🙂

The first complete song Helen wrote when she was 16. The message is still omnipresent.