The Future is Online

It could be that DILLIGARA might have had its last public performance for 2020, despite bookings it is not looking good with regards to the climbing infection rates of Corona here in Germany and we could be going into another lockdown very soon. A big thank you to the City Hall in Boppard for a lovely evening – despite all the restrictions we had a lovely time and the audience was in good spirits throughout the night, seeing you all dance made us so happy!

We are bracing ourselves for a tough year ahead but we are moving with the times and going online!

In future we will be giving more personalised and public concerts using the various different platforms. Visit for more details and to book us. We can keep your spirits up on long winter nights. Just imagine asking us to play your favourite tunes live, from the comfort of your home. We are certainly looking forward to it. See you then 🙂

Radio Play on Celtic Music Radio, Glasgow

A big thank you to Ian Oliphant and Celtic Music Radio for playing my version of ‘Johnny I hardly knew ye’ from my Spirits album during the ‘Lunch Time Selection with Ian’ on 29th July 2020. Really excited to be picked up by this radio station and thanks for your lovely introduction Ian 🙂 For those who don’t know Celtic Music Radio is a community radio station in Scotland which broadcasts in FM as well as worldwide via the internet. The radio station is a charity and works closely with many music and arts festivals in the Glasgow area (such as the Celtic Connections music festival).Celtic Music Radio plays Helen 29th July 2020

Radio AENA – top station for medieval, folk and fantasy music has Helen Leahey now in their repetoire

To listen to Radio AENA click here.

Thank you to the team for featuring me in your radio station!

“Also new is the Welsh singer Helen Leahey, who lives in Germany and may be known to some due to her appearance on “The Voice of Germany”. She was awarded the Guinness World Record for the lowest female singing voice and is now represented in our program with three albums together with her accompanying band DILLIGARA: “Spirits”, “Auf Wiedersehen” and “Train Tracks”.

Radio AENA Werbung

Review from Rock the Folk Radio Station

Thank you to Dietmar from the radio station Rock the Folk for this lovely review!

rock the folk review snippet


TEXT Deutsch:

Wissen Sie wer Helen Leahey ist und was sie tut? fragte mich eines Samstags Morgens die Anruferin Christiane.

Gehört hatte ich den Namen schon einmal. Was ihr künstlerisches Schaffen ausmacht, das war mir unbekannt!

Dann fiel es mir auch wieder ein, Helen trat bei “The Voice of Germany” auf. Da ich solche Casting-Shows

nicht mag, habe ich mich damals auch nicht weiter mit ihr beschäftigt.

Was Christiane mir allerdings erzählte, mache mich hellhörig: Helen macht jetzt ihr eigenes Ding. Sie besitzt

nicht nur ihr eigenes Label, sondern besitzt auch alle Rechte an ihren Songs, Dass sie 2018 den Weltrekord

für den tiefsten, je von einer Frau gesungenen Ton erhielt, interessierte mich dann schon weniger. Dass sie

aber keltische Klänge mit ihrer ungewöhnlich, tiefen Stimme verbindet und eigene Songs schreibt, dafür um so mehr.

Ich bat Christiane uns doch mit einigen Songs zu bemustern. Wir würden uns das anhören und uns wieder melden.

Und wir haben reingehört.

Spontan fiel mir dazu der Headliner “- the dark voice of folk -” ein.

Helen sucht sich, wenn sie nicht selbst die Titel schreibt, Musik aus, die zu ihrer Stimme passt. So entsteht daraus

eine ganz neue Symbiose aus Musik und Gesang – fast ein neuer Song, aber mit hohem Wiedererkennungswert.

Ihre eigenen Songs beschäftigen sich auch mit sozialen Themen und den alltäglichen Dingen des Lebens. Dabei fliessen anscheinend eigene Erfahrungen mit ein (Train Tracks),


Harmonischer Einklang von Musik und Stimme.

Abwechslungsreiche, eingängige Titel.

Wir können Helen nicht genau einordnen, Ihr Repertoir pendelt von Folk zu Singer & Songwriter,

was sich bei ihr aber sehr positiv äußert.

Zunächst stellen wir Helens Musik in “Promotion mit Rock Folker” immer Donnerstags um 18:00 Uhr vor.

Später könnt ihr sie in “Celtic Folk”, “European Folk” und “Singer & Songwriter” hören.

TEXT Englisch:

Do you know who Helen Leahey is and what she does? The caller Christiane asked me one Saturday morning.

I had heard the name before. However what her artistic work is all about was unknown to me!

Then I remembered it, Helen appeared on “The Voice of Germany”. I am not a fan of casting shows so I did not take much notice at the time.

What Christiane told me, however, makes me prick up my ears: Helen is now doing her own thing. she owns not only her own label, but also owns all rights to her songs. In 2018 she got a record for deepest vocal note by a female but what interested me more was how she connects Celtic sounds with her unusual, deep voice and writes her own songs.

I asked Christiane to sample a few songs for us. We’d listen to them and get back to her.

And we listened.

Spontaneously I thought of the headliner “- the dark voice of folk -“.

If she doesn’t write the titles herself, Helen chooses music that suits her voice. This is how a completely new symbiosis of music and singing arises – almost a new song, but with a high recognition value.

Her own songs also deal with social issues and the everyday things in life. Apparently, own experiences flow into this (Album: Train Tracks).


Harmonious combination of music and voice.

Varied, catchy titles.

We cannot classify Helen exactly, her repertoire commutes from folk to singer & songwriter style which is very positive for her.

First, we present Helen’s music in “Promotion with Rock Folker” every Thursday at 6:00 p.m.

You can hear them later in the shows “Celtic Folk”, “European Folk” and “Singer & Songwriter”.

Radio play this Thursday with some songs from my new album

Thank you very much to ‘Rock the Folk’ Radio station (RockTheFolk – webradio – Radio made by Friends) for presenting my music at 18.00 (CET) this coming Thursday (they will be playing a few songs from my new album ‘auf Wiedersehen’. I’m really excited to be part of the show! Check out the work these guys do, a great mix of music for everyone into celtic music, rock and medieval tunes.







Helen Leahey gives her first ever online concert for NEXT Magazine

This Friday, April 17th at 19:00 (GMT+1) Helen Leahey will be going live on NEXT Magazine’s Facebook page and playing some of her best works as well as well known celtic tunes and some popular hits. Like many artisits, Helen has also struggled with the loss of gigs to to the Corona pandemic. Although a challenge, Helen is determined to continue, especially since she has brought out three new albums in the last month and is ready to show them to the world.

You can buy them here


Train Tracks

Helen’s debut album, now released as a second edition with a variety of artists collaborating (known as DILLIGARA). This album is ‘earthy’ in nature, with catchy acoustic tunes.

Train Tracks Album Cover Helen Leaheyjewelcase-inlayvorlage Train Tracks


auf Wiedersehen

Helen’s 2nd album, here she has been inspired by many different music genres from around the world. Arabic and celtic beats, a sax player – and many other suprises!

CD Label Vorlage Auf Wieder Sehen Helen Leaheyjewelcase-inlayvorlage auf WiederSehen Helen Leahey



Helen’s first Celtic folk album with well known folk tunes and some undiscovered jewels…

Spirits Album Coverjewelcase-inlayvorlage Spirits Helen Leahey

New Album ‘Spirits’ ready to order!

Finally, the first of three new albums is ready to buy. My new album ‘Spirits’ can be purchased though the website safely and securly via Paypal. It has been a busy time since I became the first world record holder for ‘Lowest Vocal Note by a Female’ in 2019. I welcomed my beautiful son Mikhael into the world and worked tirelessly as he sleept on releasing three studio albums. My original demco CD ‘Train Tracks’ has been reworked for a new release coming soon , the album ‘auf WiederSehen’ is just making its way into print and now the Celtic/Irish folk album ‘Spirits’ is availabe in a small supply.

Today is St. Patricks Day and as most of those who normally celebrate are probably in self-quarantine due to the Corona virus pandemic. Like many artists I am also struggling with the event cancellations and hoped to be able to introduce my new music to audiences throughout the spring and summer. Alas maybe you will invite me into your home and let me entertain you with some beautiful Celtic tunes. Every CD sold will be personally signed (don’t worry I will wash my hands!!!)

Wishing you all good health at this time x

jewelcase-inlayvorlage Spirits Helen LeaheySpirits Album Cover

First performance after birth of my son in Rhens for ‘Cafe Kathmandu’

I’m really proud of the work done here. It’s a small, family  NGO and we have managed to provide education for children in Nepal for years whilst at the same time building cultural connections and even friendships between countries. The Nepalese kids write stories, we translate them and sell them as school material here –  profits then going back to Nepal. It’s a win/win situation for all involved providing education and cultural understanding between nations. Tomorrow I will be playing a few songs and getting back in the saddle after the birth of my son.  We hope to see you there! Event is free and starts at 9 in the morning, there is food, prizes, things to buy and music 🙂