McMurphy’s Mates


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Helen Leahey & McMurphy’s Mates

This four piece Celtic Céilí Band is ideal for any party setting. As well as incorporating a mixture of Celtic/Germanic Folk, timeless classics and own songs, audience members are invited to learn a few traditional dance steps and participate in typical fashion for a Céilí event. Leahey (a well-known local musician, with Celtic roots and who took part in ‘The Voice of Germany 2017’) lends to the music her deep, unusual and haunting vocals. She is complimented with the voices, harmonies and instruments of her fellow musicians, such as the balladeer Guy Dawson from Liverpool and mandolin player Doreen Tuschen from the East of Germany. Each musician has their own distinct character, instruments and playing style and will take the audience on a musical journey. The band will demonstrate how for example the accordion (played by the Rhinelander Ray Milker), a traditional German and Celtic instrument, feels at home in the various musical genres. The banjo, flutes, irish bouzouki and celtic drum bodhrán are amongst the instruments which can be heard. The Celts were not only in Ireland, they were also at home in Koblenz, Germany. Helen Leahey & McMurphy’s Mates is a perfect fusion between Celtic and Germanic musical culture and will guarantee to get any party started!