Helen Leahey gives her first ever online concert for NEXT Magazine

This Friday, April 17th at 19:00 (GMT+1) Helen Leahey will be going live on NEXT Magazine’s Facebook page and playing some of her best works as well as well known celtic tunes and some popular hits. Like many artisits, Helen has also struggled with the loss of gigs to to the Corona pandemic. Although a challenge, Helen is determined to continue, especially since she has brought out three new albums in the last month and is ready to show them to the world.

You can buy them here


Train Tracks

Helen’s debut album, now released as a second edition with a variety of artists collaborating (known as DILLIGARA). This album is ‘earthy’ in nature, with catchy acoustic tunes.

Train Tracks Album Cover Helen Leaheyjewelcase-inlayvorlage Train Tracks


auf Wiedersehen

Helen’s 2nd album, here she has been inspired by many different music genres from around the world. Arabic and celtic beats, a sax player – and many other suprises!

CD Label Vorlage Auf Wieder Sehen Helen Leaheyjewelcase-inlayvorlage auf WiederSehen Helen Leahey



Helen’s first Celtic folk album with well known folk tunes and some undiscovered jewels…

Spirits Album Coverjewelcase-inlayvorlage Spirits Helen Leahey

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